Furuno FR1510MK3 has a 15" diagonal, high-resolution display that offers advanced video processing technology, improved radar noise rejection and automatic clutter suppression for optimum long- and short-range target detection. The FR1510MK3 offers two operator preset function keys, F1 and F2, for the best possible picture.
When you choose the 12kW FR1510MK3, you will receive proven Furuno quality, reliability and performance. The FR1510MK3 offers range scales from 1/8 to 96 n.m., with a choice of 4', 6.5' and 8' open array antennas available.


The FR-2115 is designed for a wide range of users such as coasters, fishing boats, mega yachts, cargo and passenger ships, also high-speed craft or anyone requiring a high-resolution, high-refresh rate display in multi-color rasterscan.
The equipment is available as a 12 kW output, short or long antenna radiator, 24 or 42 rpm scanner, with standard electronic plotting facility and optional Automatic Radar Plotting Aid (ARPA). These plotting aids are essential in shipborne radar to reduce the workload of ship personnel and to improve the standard of collision avoidance.


Small in size, the 1623 is big on power, clarity and advanced radar features. The slim-line monochrome LCD display and lightweight radome antenna make it ideal for power or sail boats as small as 17 feet.
This 2.2kW radar has a 16 nautical mile range, yet will zoom down to 1/8 nautical mile for tight navigation in harbors and inlets. The 1623 radar lets you readily identify objects, thanks to a high definition 6" Silver Bright LCD screen that clearly separates targets. Plus, the four-tone target display lets you easily differentiate between stronger and weaker echoes, helping to alert you of any danger



The GP50 is a compact, waterproof GPS navigator ideal for smaller craft. A high level of accuracy is produced by combining its eight-channel receiver with an "all-in-view" computing algorithm. This powerful combination eliminates the need for initial position entry and allows simultaneous tracking of up to eight satellites. All of the satellites being tracked can then be utilized to give uninterrupted position fix.


FURUNO GP-150 is a GPS navigator designed for the SOLAS ships according to the GPS performance standard IMO Res MSC.112 (73) and associated IEC standards effective on and after July 1, 2003. It is a highly reliable standalone EPFS (electronic position fixing system) that feeds positioning information to AIS, Radar, VDR, VideoPlotter, Autopilot, Echo Sounder and Sonar.

JRC JLR 7500 /7800

The new JLR-7500/JLR-7800 (D)GPS navigator will locate your position accurately and gives you a wide range of possibilities integrated with the latest technologies that will enhance your operational performance.

The 3D guidance is particularly valuable to follow a real-time chain of waypoints along a planned route.

The new (D) GPS navigator allows you to plan long distance routes highly effective. It is possible to set Rhumb lines (RL) for short legs, while Great Circle (GC) can be set for the long distance legs all possible within the same route. Simply make your selection for each leg to reach your destination effortlessly.

SAMYUNG Spr 1400

Compliant with IMO and MSC standard. Small size, Light weight, Easy installation. All data with big letters can be displayed in one screen. Interface with PC to print out destination, mark and routes. No need to initially set-up the machine as it is of full automation. Easy night navigation with full light support in screen at every stage. Has temporary plotter function. WGS-84 and other way of geodetic survey can be selectable

KODEN Kgp 913

Large LCD display with backlight
Position Data: Lat/Lon
DECCA conversion
200 Waypoints
20 Reversible Routes
DGPS option also available (KGP-913D MKII)
Full alphanumeric keypad enables ease of use and simple waypoint entry. Common features include auto or manual compensation or magnetic variation, MOB button, alarms for Cross Track Error, Waypoint Proximity and Anchor Watch.
The Koden KGP-913 MKII has the ability to convert the latitude and longitude display into Decca Lanes of Position (LOP's). There is also the facility to enter a LOP correction for either the Red, Green or Purple lanes



FE800 is a result of Furuno's many decades of experience developing echo sounders, sonars, and underwater application equipment and systems. This echo sounder is a breakthrough over the conventional paper sounders; there are no consumable items. The purpose of the echo sounder is to provide safe navigation by detecting the clearance below the ship (particularly in shallow waters) as required on the SOLAS Convention ships by the new IMO standards.
The basic system consists of a display unit and distribution box. The 8.4" high-brightness colour LCD display offers an easy-to-read depth sounding in various modes, permitting optimum representation with respect to the environment.
Detection range is automatically varied but there is manual override to select the required scale. The displayed record is visible for 15 min on any range and an instantaneous sounding is directly shown in large numerals in addition to the graphical display. Depths, associated time, and position are stored for 24 h in memory. The data can be played back at any time.


High-resolution and clearly display (10.4"TFT LCD)
Built-in printer for copy of the echogram history
High accuracy and high reliability
Depth data for last 24 hours in memory to play back the past sounding information
Meets IMO standards MSC.74(69) Annex 4



İntel® Core™ İ7
2.0 - 3.9 Ghz
Single channel DDR3 1066 / 800 Mhz 2 GB
Ddr3 1066 / 800 Mhz
2 x2.5’’ HDD / SATA
SSD 80 -120-300 GB
Microsoft ® Windows 10 ®
Type approved
Made in Turkey



The FA150 is a shipborne Universal AIS (Automatic Identification System) Transponder capable of exchanging navigation and ship data between own ship and other ships or coastal stations. The FA150 consists of a transponder unit and a compact display unit with 4.5" Silver Bright Display. The compact FA150 display is designed to accommodate a simple and space-saving installation with a user-friendly ergonomic design.
The FA150 provides multiple interfaces for Radar, ECDIS and PC. The available Combo GPS/VHF antenna affords flexible, easy installation.


Fully satisfies the technical standards for Class-B AIS, IEC 62287-1
Receives both Class-A and Class-B AIS information
Enhances safe navigation by exchanging critical navigation information from AIS-equipped vessels nearby
Greatly improves the level of the situational awareness even in fog, darkness or congested waterways
Outputs data to NavNet TZtouch2, TZtouch, 3D through Ethernet
Flexible integration with various AIS compatible radar and chart plotters


Full compliance to international standard
The-world-smallest AIS Transponder and Control Unit design for Space saving installation.
6-inch LCD screen Display unit for easy watch AIS information and simple graphic mode.
JHS-182 needs only one standard coaxial antenna cable.
IMO & wheel mark Certificate


The Samyung SI-30 A is A Class-A Universal Automatic Identification System (UAIS) transponder, the Samyung SI-30 A is the newest product designed to improve navigation safety by observing other AIS equipped ships. The Samyung SI-30 A complies with international regulations and standards as well as national class requirements.


The R5 system features cutting edge digital radio technology, resulting from more than five years’ research into software defined radios. Sharing radio technology with military grade systems, the R5 technology is a big leap forward into the future of AIS radios. The highly versatile R5 platform will continue to evolve as new requirements are introduced.

The Supreme version of the R5 technology provides the user with a flexible, future-proof product. The large colour touch-screen display and multitude of interfaces make the system highly appropriate for integration into modern networked bridge solutions.



FURUNO's NAVpilot is a revolutionary autopilot with a sunlight viewable display designed for a variety of vessels. It utilizes a self-learning and adaptive software algorithm, and plays the ultimate role in course keeping capability, dynamically adjusting essential parameters for navigation i.e., vessel speed, trim, draught, tide and wind effects, dead band, weather, etc. These parameters are stored in the system memory and continuously optimized


FURUNO's NAVpilot is a revolutionary autopilot with a sunlight viewable display designed for a variety of vessels. It utilizes a self-learning and adaptive software algorithm, and plays the ultimate role in course keeping capability, dynamically adjusting essential parameters for navigation i.e., vessel speed, trim, draught, tide and wind effects, dead band, weather, etc. These parameters are stored in the system memory and continuously optimized.


SAS-7 is automatic marine navigation system for control the ship, which collect the whole information like ships location, direction, true speed, the route to navigate, the direction to navigate and the direction of magnetic north.
SAS-7 is small, lightweight, and easy to control.
Built-in intelligent technology that ensures accurate navigation to destination without error.
Save manpower, time and energy.


The AP70 and AP80 are cost effective, reliable and user-friendly heading control systems for all vessel types. Built with the latest electronics, software and networking capabilities, these pilots are easy to install and easy to operate ensuring your vessel operations are smarter and more competitive.


FURUNO Vr3000s

The VR-3000/S is a Voyage Data Recorder/Simplified Voyage Data Recorder, which fully complies with IMO A861(20) and IEC 61996-1 Ed. 1 and IEC 60945, and IMO MSC. 163(78) and IEC 61996-1, IEC 61996-2 Ed. 2 and IEC 60945, respectively. The purposes of the VDR and S-VDR are to assist investigators in identifying the causes of maritime casualty as well as to use the data for future reference to further incident prevention.

HEADWAY Hmt 100s

Voyage data recorder (VDR). popular name-black box, is used for recording all kinds of navigation information. The recorded data is used for analyzing causes of major and minor incidents happened during ships' voyage

AMI Vr 2272B

The voyage data recorder is one of the simplest, most reliable and competitively priced systems on the market. As one of the most popular and well supported VDR systems available it conforms to all current IMO, IEC & SOLAS



The Furuno BR500 BNWAS monitors the watch officer's presence through watch safety system functions. A watch officer is required to press the button on a Timer Reset Panel or to operate navigation equipment (i.e.: ECDIS, Radar, etc.) at certain preset intervals.

AMI BN 150

*Backup officer selection for any combination of up to five officers
*Two core interconnect cable throughout for easy, cost effective installation
*LCD display for easy menu driven operation
*Compact design is ideal for space limited bridge
*Choice of audible and visual alarms to suit any location
*Up to three years’ warranty with global service and support

AMI Kw-100

Designed to meet all requirements specified by the IMO, international class societies and flag states, the KW810 combines quality, performance and sophisticated aesthetics.


• Comply with IMO Res. 128(75), IMO Res.A.694(17), IEC 62616(2010), IEC 60945(2002) & IEC 61162(2007).
• ALR (alarm) sentence output (IEC 61162) for VDR.
• Responds to the other navigational equipment’ s ALR (alarm) and EVE(event) sentence input.
• Time display function once GPS signal is connected.
• Easy to extend the function due to the availability of various options.
• Function that monitors the bridge activity and detects operator disability which could lead to marine accidents
• Alerts the stand-by officer when the watch officer does not responds to the visual and audible alarm.
• Equipped with emergency call and navigator call button.